Land & Community Development

The cornerstone of our business is land and community development. Identifying opportunities, conducting comprehensive feasibility studies which thoroughly review site design alternatives, and following through with superior design and construction management are all keystones of our discipline.

Over the years, dozens of great communities have taken shape and flourished under Senator’s custodianship, enhancing the urban fabric of a number of different Ontario municipalities. Discovery is a grand-scale community of over 1,500 homes and parks that has become the new crossroads of Brampton. Governor’s Hill in Dundas is an executive community of over 1,000 homes bordering the Niagara Escarpment. Summerlin in North York is one of the largest infill developments in the centre of Toronto, perfectly harmonizing with the surrounding neighbourhood. North Hill in the Bolton community of Caledon and Walkers Glen in Burlington are two more successfully completed Senator projects, and the list of future Senator communities continues to grow. Two of the larger ones include Old Thames Village, a master planned community of over 3,000 homes in Woodstock and Harbourside, 600 homes overlooking the lake in Whitby.

Over the last three decades, Senator has created over 50 distinctive communities across southern Ontario and beyond. Our reputation for quality and customer service is built upon the thousands of satisfied families who call one of these remarkable communities home.

Conserving the Environment

Good developments meet environmental and municipal requirements; great communities exceed them. At Senator, we go above and beyond to create environmentally sensitive green communities. We carefully preserve untouched greenbelt, weaving wood lots and open spaces throughout each neighbourhood. Through skillful urban planning and thoughtful environmental stewardship, Senator seamlessly blends neighbourhood space with the natural environment. The resulting communities not only leave us feeling proud of our commitment to nature – they also help create uniquely scenic neighbourhoods that are better places to live.

Each Senator community is a testament to our commitment to sound conservation practice. In Discovery, for example, we protected the indigenous wetlands neighbouring the community. In Maple’s Dreamwood community, we integrated the lot and community planning into the adjoining North Maple Conservation Area, creating leisurely walkways and spectacular vistas for the whole community to enjoy. In 2007, Senator Homes was honoured with the Moraine For Life award for the company’s Dreamwood development, recognizing our part in improving the ecology of the Oak Ridges Moraine and the social well-being of the people who live and work there. Another conservation community in Brampton, The Estates of Credit Ridge, is designed to harmonize with nature and create a tranquil equilibrium between the homes and surrounding ecosystem. At Senator Homes, green community planning is an ongoing commitment.

Commercial Development

As residential communities grow to completion and maturity, local demand for infrastructure and services also grows. Senator anticipates and accommodates this demand with a well-planned commercial aspect, unobtrusively weaving places to shop, work, and play into the community.

Senator’s commercial arm, Pelican Properties, has planned, designed, built, and managed a portfolio of over one million square feet of commercial and retail properties as an integral part of our master planned communities. Recognizing prime commercial opportunities to serve the public, many national brand companies have committed to operations within Senator communities.

Residential & Commercial Design

Everything we build, we first design. Aesthetic appeal and design longevity are important, but so is practicality and the comfort of our homeowners. We build a variety of different product types, from townhomes to estate homes, from offices to superstores. We go into each and every project with a fresh perspective and a unique set of design criteria to fulfill. At Senator, we work with the best architectural talent in the GTA to create signature architecture that strikes a balance between beauty, functionality, and efficiency, all harmonizing with the fabric of the overall community.

Home Building

The core of our business is home construction. That’s where Senator started and continues to be a significant part of our company’s commitment today. Creating communities that satisfy the demands of a growing population is our first goal and the catalyst for all other real estate development. Building fine homes, therefore, is so important a part of our corporate vision that we have never left it to chance. At Senator we build all our own homes, guaranteeing the fulfillment of our design and community master plan. We maintain an expert team of construction management professionals who ensure that our design vision is always reflected in the as-built form. The proof is in the many fine communities we are proud to have created over the last three decades.

Financial Accountability

Financial accounting is not just an important job – it’s a mindset and a discipline. With a professional chartered accountant who is also a partner in charge, Senator makes financial management into a rigorous regiment of checks, balances, financial controls, and reporting. Often partnering with outside agencies and associates, Senator’s financial controls and reporting standards are precise and demanding.

Interior Decor

The Senator Decor Centre is a one-stop shop for everything necessary to finish a new home to perfection. Homeowners have the opportunity to select and choose elements that will customize their home and give it a unique identity to reflect their own individuality and style. There is an overwhelming number of options available, from hardwoods to fireplace mantels, in many different colours and styles. Senator’s knowledgeable design consultants are there to guide families through every step of the process, making it an exciting and enjoyable endeavor.

Service & Property Management

At Senator, we strive to create beautiful and livable homes that add to the quality of life of our homeowners. And we build them to last. We pride ourselves on the high level of quality and workmanship we deliver in each and every home we build. Our customer service department is here to make sure that quality is maintained, and fixes any problems that should arise in a courteous and timely manner.

This is also true of our retail and commercial properties. Well-administered properties and professional, responsive property management staff are Senator’s hallmark.